Webinar invitation: Implementing sustainable IT, today!

Dies ist in meinen Briefkasten geflattert…

Join GeSI and Closing the Loop in this WCEF Online Side Event webinar on 13 October at 16:00 CEST as we speak to experts on circular economy for the IT industry. Listen to how these experts use solutions that are ready to be implemented today to enhance circular economy for IT within their organization.

We will dive into important and urgent questions around Sustainable IT, such as:

  • “Which greener actions are out there that the IT department can make use of, in a risk-free manner?”
  • "How are scaled solutions such as refurbishing, remodelling and waste-compensation able to link company ethics and effective IT policies, across the globe?’’
  • "How can I implement circularity for IT, today?’’

Our experts from Ingram Micro, the Dutch Government and Rabobank, will share their hands-on ideas around circular procurement for IT, after which we will dive deeper into their views with a moderated Q&A.