Internationalization of this forum

At the end of the last Online Community Meeting there was the idea of introducing an English section in this forum and this idea was well received by the attending people.

After thinking and sleeping a bit over the idea of „an English section“ I am now less euphoric. This is mainly due to the following questions:

  • Currently the forum is structured thematically by categories and sub-catecories. Should there just be another „Englisch“ category? This would somehow break the existing system and might lead to more confusion where to put messages (and we already have this problem now).

  • Should we restructure the category system and introduces languages as top categories and the thematic ordering as their sub categories. This would be big effort and might also lead confusion.

Thus, I propose the following:
We make (and pin) an official announcement that both German and Englisch languages are accepted in this forum, and that threads which have been started in English should if possible be continued in English, but on the other hand answering in English to a German message is totally fine.

Also I would propose to introduce the tag lang-en or something similar, to easily find English threads.

(In the long run I would generally prefer threads should to be structured by tags instead by categories because multiple tags can be combined. But I am not sure how practical this would be and how well accepted. As this is a related but different topic it should probably be discussed in its own thread.)

Any opinions?

1 „Gefällt mir“

Though it is „the other thread“ issue… I wonder if it can’t be both, tags AND categories. As brains and work flows are different, a variety here might be better